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The Chicago Tribune

"There is no such thing as expressing too much vulnerability, said Danielle Juhre. The local singer-songwriter has made a name for herself by embracing a raw and real creative ethos through her music. And it is this emotional honesty that has garnered the musician fans locally, nationally and even internationally..." 

"You & I" Music Video

American Songwriter Magazine

"When the chorus hits on Danielle Juhre’s new single “Burning,” it’s hard to not get goosebumps up your arm. Between its driving pulse, its emotional potency and her powerhouse vocal performance, the message of overcoming hardship soars to a brilliant height on “Burning,” showing off Juhre’s knack for heartfelt songcraft." 

"Take It Slow" Music Video
"Burning" on Mahogany Sessions
"Back To Black" on Mahogany Sessions
Bumble x Sofar Sounds Sessions
101.9 The Mix New Music Club
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